Orthotics and Prosthetics:
Make a Career of Making a Difference


Therapeutic shoe fitter

Provides patients with non-custom therapeutic shoes and multidensity shoe inserts.

Orthotic fitter

Fits patients with pre-fabricated orthotic devices.

Mastectomy fitter

Fits patients for external breast prostheses and provides other postmastectomy products and services.

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O&P fitters do rewarding work and are in great demand throughout the country. They play a crucial role in O&P care by providing pre-fabricated or off-the-shelf devices that fit comfortably and effectively treat their patients’ conditions. These conditions may include cancer-related amputation or weakness in the body as a result of injuries, back strain, or conditions triggered by diabetes, high or flat arches, or repetitive stress.

Fitters can come from any educational or occupational background. Some come from other O&P roles or elect to pursue a career in O&P after finishing high school or earning a GED. Others have a background in other healthcare professions. Still others start as servers, woodworkers, massage therapists, teachers, chiropractors, or craftsmen.

Individuals may decide to make a career as a fitter, or they may opt to further their education and training to transition into other O&P roles as technicians, pedorthists, assistants, practitioners, or a combination of any of these.