Orthotics and Prosthetics:
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Orthotic/Prosthetic Technology Associate of Applied Science

In this field, you assist the disabled through orthotic technology (fabrication of orthopedic braces) and prosthetic technology (fabrication of artificial limbs).

In this program, you will learn to:

Graduates are eligible to take the national registry examinations offered by the American Board for Certification to become a certified orthotic technician (CTO), certified prosthetic technician (CTP), or certified technician of prosthetics and orthotics (CTPO).

Associate of Applied Science Degree

Program Status: Limited Enrollment

Orthotic/Prosthetic Technology Major: Total 82 hours
HSC 111
Introduction to Healthcare (four quarter hours)
MED 103
Medical Terminology (four quarter hours)
OPT 101
Introduction to Orthotic/Prosthetic Technology (five quarter hours)
OPT 201
Diabetic and Foot Orthotics (six quarter hours)
OPT 203
Lower Extremity Plastic Orthotic Systems (six quarter hours)
OPT 204
Lower Extremity Metal Orthotic Systems (six quarter hours)
OPT 211A
Partial Foot and Symes Prosthetics (six quarter hours)
OPT 212
BK Lower Extremity Prosthetics (six quarter hours)
OPT 213
AK Lower Extremity Prosthetics (six quarter hours)
OPT 221
Upper Extremity Orthotics (six quarter hours)
OPT 233
Upper Extremity Prosthetics (six quarter hours)
OPT 241B
Spinal Orthotics (four quarter hours)
OPT 251
Orthotics/Prosthetic Clinical Externship (six quarter hours)
OPT 291
Orthotic/Prosthetic Technology Review (two quarter hours)
SCI 100F
Structure and Function of the Human Body (four quarter hours)
SCI 246
Chemistry I (four quarter hours)
WRK 291B
Professional Career Strategies (four quarter hours)
General Education Requirements: Total 82 hours
Communication Elective (four quarter hours)
Computer Literacy Elective (two quarter hours)
ENG 101
Composition I (four quarter hours)
ENG 102
Composition II (four quarter hours)
INF 161
Technology and Society (two quarter hours)
MTH 111
Introductory Algebra (four quarter hours)
SPK 201
Oral Communication (four quarter hours)
Select One Course From The Following:
PSY 101
Human Relations (four quarter hours)
PSY 111
General Psychology (four quarter hours)

Quarter Hours Required for Graduation: 110

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